If you spend any time around Newchurch at all, you’ll quickly learn one thing: we love students. They’re smart. They’re funny. They’re bold. And they’re bursting with potential. We truly believe that the middle and high school students in our midst are world changers in the making. That’s why student ministry is such a huge part of what we do at Newchurch. We want to guide our students in developing a personal faith in Christ as they step into their specific roles in the story He’s writing with their lives. We work hard to create environments that engage students in good conversation about God, encouraging them to ask questions, search out answers, and truly learn to listen to His leading in their lives. 

If you have questions about NCY, are interested in opportunities to serve, or simply would like more information, email josh@newchurch.tv or text/call Josh at (405) 361-7153.

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I hope everyone is looking forward to Falls Creek this summer.
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Let's "face" it.  Facebook is easier.

Facebook is one of our best ways to communicate not only to students but to parents.  If you have a student we highly encourage you to join the NCY Facebook page to get all updates and communications from our youth leaders. 

What's a Cell Group

A cell is the basic building block of life. Its function is to survive, thrive, and replicate. Cell groups are “cells” because participants are empowered to survive in an ever-changing world, to thrive as faithful followers of Jesus Christ, and to replicate by the creating new cells.


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