Women's Groups and Bible Studies

We have many options specifically for women at Newchurch. Looking for a women's prayer group?  Looking for a single moms care group? Take some time and review all the group study and fellowship options available at Newchurch.  

We have free childcare provided for all Sunday morning groups.

  • Women's Bible Study

    Led by Debbie Priest    |    circleemail

    A Wednesday morning women's Bible study, led by Debbie Priest.  Childcare is available, please call the church offices at (405)721-2300.

    Age: 21+    |    Schedule: 9:45am Wednesday    |    Type: Women's    |    Location: West 13

  • Women's Ministry Bible Study

    Led by Magi Sutton    |    circleemail  

    Contact Magi Sutton for more info. A Bible study for all adult women. Join us!

    Age: 21+    |    Schedule: 6:30pm Wednesday    |    Type: Women's    |    Location: West 11

  • Widow's Tea Time

    Led by Kathy   |    circleemail  

    We meet upstairs in the West Cove and want widows of all ages to feel welcome to join us at 3 pm on Thursdays.

    Age:  All   |    Schedule: 3:00 pm Thursday    |    Type: Widows   |    Location: West Cove