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Sunday Celebrations will start here at 9:30am & 10:45am. You can also stream directly on our YouTube channel HERE.

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Watch our most recent message from our
current series "Fruit of the Spirit

"Goodness" by Monty Priest on 1/31/2021.

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  • CURRENT SERIES: Fruit of the Spirit

    A study about the Fruits of the Spirit.

    Self-Control - by Tommy Woodard 2/21/2021
     - by Tommy Woodard 2/7/2021

    Goodness - by Monty Priest 1/31/2021

    Peace - by Tommy Woodard 1/24/2021

    Joy - by Monty Priest 1/17/2021
    Goal or Gauge
     - by Tommy Woodard 1/10/2021

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